Is Social Media Good or Bad

Is Social Media Good or Bad?

Is social media good or bad? The answer is that it depends on how you use your social media accounts. If you use your social media accounts for business purposes, then it is really good for you. Because most people nowadays use social media throughout the day, including in the restroom. So now you can attract customers based on their interests, age, and gender. Also, you can target the customers location-wise.

So, yes, social media is beneficial for business owners who want to publicise their brands. Most importantly, social media is beneficial because it allows you to connect with people and learn about their lifestyle.

How is Social Media Good in some points.

On social media, you can connect with new people.

You can use it for business purposes.

And most importantly, you can express your feelings to a bunch of people you care about.

You can start a conversation with an unknown person as well.

You can explore your talent publicly, like dancing, singing, etc.

You can learn a lot of things, like places, education, food recipes, etc.

How is Social Media Bad in some points.

If you are addicted, you will be diverted from your goals.

Depression and anxiety

Cyber bullying.

You will spend more time on social media than talking to your friends when you meet them.

Comparison: You will compare with your other friends when you buy a new house, car, or something else.

You will be distracted from your work while using social media.

If you are in an educational institute, I mean while studying, you will be distracted from your studies and will receive poor grades.

How my friends use social media

Most of my friends use social media as a way to pass the time while watching videos and chatting with other friends, but some use it very cleverly (digital marketing).

Now I am going to tell you the real story of how one of my friends makes money through social media. He uses social media to resell the products and make the excess money from them. I asked him how it was possible.

“He sells the products from reselling shopping sites with a good, profitable quote and promotes them in social media,” he replied.So from there, if anyone buys, he gets the money from it.

And another of my friends started a business that no one knows about.And he then used social media as a weapon to raise brand awareness in nearby areas.

So you can use social media in good ways as well. It all depends on how you use it.

So all I’m saying is you can do digital marketing using social Media and it is good for you.

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